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  • Lease Finance
  • Term Loan
  • Equity Support
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Short Term Loan
  • Term Deposit Schemes

Lease Finance:

Lease is a contractual relationship for use of an asset by the Lessee (the Client) for a specified period paying a mutually agreed rent to the Lessor (BIFC). The lassor procured the asset for the Lessee who has the full liberty to select the asset, supplier, price including other terms & conditions. Lease rental is dete_med based on acquisition cost and lease term. Lease term usually ranges from 3 to 5 years. Rentals are payable usually on monthly basis, however, quarterly or half yearly payments can also be considered.

Lease Finance is available for:

  • Capital Machinery
  • Factory Equipment
  • Vehicle & other Transports
  • Construction Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Lifts/ Escalator
  • Generator
  • Water Transport
  • Other Equipments & Appliances.

In addition to the benefit of simplicity, Lease finance benefits you by way of Tax advantages and off balance sheet funding.

Term Loan:

Term Loan is available to establish projects or to expand business for a term of 3 to 5 years at a competitive interest rate.

Short Term Loan:

Short Term Loan is offered in different forms to accommodate your short term fund requirements:

Factoring: You can avail a loan equivalent to a certain percentatge of the receivable arising out of supply of goods or delivery of services on credit. BIFC will reimburse you the balance amount on receiving payment from your customer as per assignment of payment arrangement. The facility will enable you to enjoy steady flow of funds towards higher volume of business resulting from its revolving nature and multiple effects.

Work Order Financing: Financing against work orders from reputed multinational companies, local blue-chip companies to facilitate you mobilizing adequate fund towards meeting delivery deadline.

Working Capital: Financing immediate fund requirement for raw materials towards completion of work order.

Equity Support:

The offer is available to corporate bodies to establish new projects or to expand existing projects in the from of common equity investment or preferred equity investment of bridge finance etc.

Real Estate Financing:

Real estate financing is available for 3 to 10 years term at competitive interest rate to

  • Individuals for purchase or construction of houses or apartments
  • Professionals for purchase of office space or camber
  • Corporate for construction of residential / commercial projects

Term Deposit Scheme:

We offer different Deposit Schemes with their unique features to cater your varying needs. Minimum term is six months for corporate bodies and it is one year for individuals.

BIFC Term Deposit Account: The scheme offers high return on your investment at maturity. Because of the cumulative effect, i.e. interest on accrued interest each year, your investment gives you a higher yield.

BIFC Income Account: The scheme offers a regular fixed monthly or quarterly cash flow during the term keeping your deposit intact.

BIFC Double Money Account: The Scheme offers double the money you deposit with us receivable after a certain period.

Special features of BIFC Deposit Schemes:

  • Competitive and attractive return on your investment
  • Variety of Schemes
  • Minimum deposit is as low as Tk. 50,000/-
  • Easy procedure for deposit and withdrawal
  • Prompt issuance of certificate
  • Premature withdrawal facility after a minimum term Quick loan facility against deposit
  • BIFC Term Deposit Scheme is approved by Bangladesh Bank.

Please contact us for the latest rate and benefit on The Deposit Schemes.