Kotipati scheme

Depositor shall get Tk. 1,00,00,000/= on maturity and may choose any tenure from 11 years to 20 years. Monthly Deposit Amount and Tenure:

Years 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Monthly Deposit 39,250 33,680 29,080 25,230 21,985 19,230 16,865 14,835 13,075 11,550

 Terms and Conditions:

  • Any person aged 18 (eighteen) years and above is eligible to open this account. However, account may be opened in the name of minor, in that case account shall be operated by Parent/ Legal Guardian and the accountholder shall be eligible to operate the account at 18 years of age.
  • Legally formed institutions may open this account.
  • Depositor may choose any tenure at the time of opening the account which will not be changed in future.
  • More than one account may be opened in one name.
  • Monthly deposit to be made within the month. Advance deposit is allowed. In case of failure to deposit in any month, deposit may be made in following months with 3% penalty per month.
  • Account cannot be closed before 3 (three) months and no interest will be given if closed before one year. For close of account after 1 (one) year but before 11 (eleven) years, interest shall be paid @6% p.a. In case of pre-mature encashment, the depositor shall get the previous period’s maturity value and no interest shall be given on fractional period.
  • If any depositor fails to deposit 3 (three) consecutive months then the account will be automatically closed.
  • The account shall be matured for payment after one month of the last installment deposited.
  • Loan facility may be allowed up to 90% of the amount deposited and interest accrued. Interest of loan shall be 15% p.a. with quarterly rest and minimum loan amount to be Tk.50,000/=.
  • Tax and Excise Duty shall be deducted as per the Government rules.